North American Data Center

Client: Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK)

The Glaxo Smith Kline Data Center project was conceived by SIGMA7 with GSK Management through Programming and concept design and Schematic Design. This 212,000 square foot 2 story project houses the Data Center and support functions on the upper floor with the infrastructure and administrative functions located below to minimize service distribution to the PDUs.  The building structure is steel frame with 40’ column bays. The shell is fabricated from insulated precast concrete panels, designed to withstand Cat 5 hurricane and F3 tornado forces. All windows and louvers are Dade County compliant impact resistant maintaining the very secure hardened exterior.

Mechanical cooling infrastructure is designed to N+1 redundancy with the use of Chillers and Dry Coolers for free cooling during the low temperature months.  This approach yields tremendous energy and water savings throughout the year.

Electrical Infrastructure systems are designed to a 2N system redundancy, with concurrent maintenance, and no single points of failure. 

Site design is composed of perimeter security fencing, barrier walls and berms as well as retention basins to inhibit vehicular intrusion to the building. The site has a gated entry point with 24 hour manned security.


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