Orange County Emergency Services Center

Client: Orange County, NY

The project consists of a new three story emergency management facility with a total program area of 90,000 square feet. The new Emergency Management Service Center consolidates various divisions of the Emergency Management Department for the entire county including E911 and Emergency Services (ESC). The first floor is divided into Semi-Public and Secure Sectors.  The Auditorium, Classrooms, Cafeteria and Kitchen comprise the Semi-Public Sector.  The 911 Dispatch center, Data Center and administrative functions make up the Secure Sector.  The Second Floor is secured and comprised of the Emergency Operations Center that overlooks the 911 Dispatch Floor and large display screens that map the emergency activities and vehicles in the County.  The Ground Floor is secured and designated for Storage, Infrastructure Systems, Facilities Operations and some office space.

Mechanical cooling and heating infrastructure is designed with the use of glycol dry coolers at this facility which eliminates water consumption and facilitates the ability to recapture heat in the building and use it for space heating as necessary.

The building structure is steel frame. The shell is fabricated from insulated precast concrete, designed to withstand hurricane and tornado forces in excess of 150 mph. All windows are Dade County Florida compliant impact resistant, thus contributing to a very secure and hardened exterior.

Site design consists of primary and secondary access roads, concrete wall enclosed equipment yard, water drainage and detention systems.


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