Data Center High Density Upgrades

Client: Aetna Insurance

Aetna has two Tier III Enterprise Data Centers in Connecticut that back up each other.  These 12 year old low density compute facilities both required installation of new high density compute equipment.

SIGMA7 developed feasibility studies, masterplans and design for the implementation of infrastructure improvements that will ultimately allow the installation of over 2MW of HD equipment and to increase reliability and redundancy of the MEP systems supporting the Data Center operations while business continued as usual without shutdowns at these two redundant Data Centers.

The High Density Compute Platform Study developed options for PODs of different cabinet configurations for maximum 240kW load densities per POD.  Electrical distribution modifications to increase reliability as well as cooling distribution were evaluated.  CFD analysis was performed to maximize the efficiency of the air distribution and containment.

Design for the implementation of the infrastructure modifications was prepared in phases, incorporating chilled water loop modifications, CRAH unit installation and relocation as well as STS, PDU, RPP and electrical distribution modifications and new installations.  SIGMA7 is providing fully integrated Architectural, Engineering and Construction Administration services.


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