Confidential Client Enterprise Data Center

Our client selected this occupied multi-use facility of more than 3000,000 SF located within their campus as the new residence of their primary server farm. The server farm needed to be moved out of their Head offices. Upon award, SIGMA7 immediately commenced work including programming and needs assessment for this Data Center relocation. The end result was a Tier III compliant designed facility.

Our approach to the execution of the data center build-out and relocation featured implementation of the new facility without any disruption to the ongoing operation of the building or data center.

The new mechanical Infrastructure was placed on the roof and hidden on all sides behind new walls constructed to look like a floor. Data Center cooling system consisted of a 2N air-cooled chilled water plant with economizers, variable primary pumps, and a looped piping configuration. Interior CRAH units were designed for N+2 redundancy with a raised floor plenum supply and ceiling plenum return configuration for load density and containment flexibility. Data Center pressurization is maintained by 100% conditioned outside air system with HEPA filtration. Humidification maintained by adiabatic humidifiers for energy efficiency. Fuel system consists of 2N tanks and transfer systems to maintain 72 hours of generator power.

The electrical system upgrade included installation of two (2) new electrical services. In the event of a single utility feeder failure, the facility can continue to be provided with utility power without relying on backup generators. Two (2) new generators in a 2N redundant configuration were also installed for additional backup. New UPS modules were installed in a 2N distributed redundant configuration along with UPS output switchboard. This provides the ability to perform momentary overlapping transfers from one side of the UPS system to another (A to B or B to A) without disruption in service. New load banks were installed to facilitate generator and UPS testing. Power distribution for mechanical equipment was installed to match mechanical redundancy.

Data Center and ancillary spaces are protected by cross-zoned doubled interlocked pre-action systems interlocked with the life safety system. New BMS and security systems were installed and integrated with the existing systems.


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