Central Pennsylvania Data Center Expansion

Client: Confidential

An 110,000 sq. ft. Tier III/IV addition to a recently completed data center in central Pennsylvania. The project, was designed on a fast track schedule, with programming and construction documents completed in under 6 months. The project consists of 42,000 square feet of raised floor area located on the Second Floor with MEP infrastructure distributed below. Along with HVAC galleries to the sides of the raised floor area minimize service distribution within the Data Center floor.

Electrical Infrastructure systems in this reliable facility are designed to a true 2N system redundancy, with concurrent maintenance, fault tolerant with no single points of failure. 

Mechanical cooling infrastructure is designed with true 2N redundancy as well, with 200,000 gallons of on-site water storage.  

The building structure is structural steel, designed for 250 pound live loads with a 40’ column bay. The shell is fabricated from insulated precast concrete, designed and tested to withstand hurricane force winds of 130 mph. 

Entry to this building is through a separate security ‘pavilion’, isolated from the main processing and infrastructure areas according to the latest DOD guidelines for secure facilities. 

Site design consists of a combination of perimeter security fencing and berms and/or retention basins to resist unwanted vehicular access to the building. The site has a single active gated entry point with and 24 hour manned security booth.


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