You can count on SIGMA7 to provide highly experienced personnel and keen insight to protect your significant capital investments.

SIGMA7 has assembled the best talent in the industry. Our team is experienced in the design, construction and project management of hundreds of projects; a benefit for our valuable clients. We can evaluate your specific requirements and tailor a project team that perfectly aligns with your needs. Our approach is all about commitment to our clients and a successful project outcome.

SIGMA7 can provide our professional services in many ways with varying levels of service based upon your project needs, budget and scope of work. Our clients determine how much involvement and decision-making authority we will have. As all clients and projects are unique, our project approach is unique as well.

Our team can function in an advisory role, as an ongoing monitor for the project, take on a supporting role, or provide and perform traditional architectural services.


SIGMA7 will function strictly in an advisory role providing valuable advice and guidance to you, as you require, throughout the duration of your project. You will be able to embellish your team by leverage our knowledge and experience. While we will provide valuable input and contribute to the success of your project, this level of service does not include traditional architectural and engineering services and can be provided as required.


In addition to advising your team, we can provide a more active and ongoing role in the development of your project. Our findings and guidance will be based upon our first-hand observations, participation in meetings and the review of reports, records and other documents. Traditional architectural and engineering services, can be provided as required.


Our team of professionals can continue to support the development and maintain our guidance throughout the implementation of your project. At this level, while SIGMA7 will not take primary responsibility for the preparation of reports, records or other documents, we will take a more active role including but not limited to communicating with other parties such associated with the project such as stakeholders, consultants, and authorities having jurisdiction and assist with the development of reports, scripts, and procedures. Even though we can be engaged at any time, it's best to involve our team early in the project process in order to maintain consistency and project success.


SIGMA7 will provide the fullest level of service and assumes primary responsibility as your architectural and engineering team leader. Engagement early in the project development phase is recommended, for optimal project results. Our team can provide end-to-end project support, from Real Estate Search and Support to Commissioning of your project. We also provide ongoing post construction support for many of our clients as well.  

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Programming
  • Real Estate search and Support
  • Project and Cost Justification
  • Advising on Project Process and Delivery Options
  • Developing Project Budgets and Schedules