Southeast Operations Center

Client: Confidential Financial Client

A financial services client with operations and processing centers historically located in one region, and with global security issues realigning operating parameters, SIGMA7 led a team in programming, designing, and constructing its first out of region data and processing center.

The facility consists of a state of the art data processing facility surrounded by one half of the daily operations office space. Both the data center and operations area are sized and fit-out to accommodate an immediate influx of processing and personnel in the event of their sister facility becoming un-operational. The design and construction of this project took place in two parts to fast-track the completion. Design and construction were completed in 14 months.

Electrical Infrastructure systems in this highly reliable facility are designed to a 2N redundancy, with concurrent maintenance, with no single points of failure. A SCADA monitoring and control system allows for an easy intuitive control and monitoring of the entire electrical infrastructure system.

Mechanical cooling infrastructure designed with the use of dry coolers at this facility reflects the local low electric utility rates as well as costs and restrictions on water usage and sewage.

Site design consists of a combination of perimeter security fencing with landscape berms to create a barrier ring around the building. The site has a single active gated entry point with 24 hour manned security booth.


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