The Clearing HousePayments Co. - Washington D.C. Offices

Client: The Clearing House Payments Co.

The Clearing House Payments Co. recently opened a new office in Washington D.C. and quickly outgrew the space. SIGMA7 worked with them to find larger, better suited space to allow them to grow and better reflect the stature of their financial company in the governmental sectors in Washington. 

The 8,000 sf of office house executives, lawyers, and lobbyists. There is also a 40 person Boardroom, where all the owner banks meet periodically. 

The space is designed around an inviting, almost residential aesthetic, reminiscent of a private club study or library. Intentions are to allow visitors and governmental officials to feel at home and allow for better exchange of ideas, with meetings being more intimate than a traditional office space might afford. 

The Boardroom converts from two large conference rooms to a single Boardroom with movable partitions and modular table components ant are added between to two conference tables (with AV/power/data) umbilical to allow services at all table sections.


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